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ClearTalents at Work – 7th September 2017

New Features/EnhancementsNew user upload functionalityNew custom fields functionalityNew option to make the DSE part of the questionnaire mandatoryNew configuration option for sharing DSE questionnaireHighlighting new adjustmentsAdditional user registration optionsAdministrators can now manage custom fieldsNew automatic invitation for uploaded usersBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements New user upload functionality We have added a new functionality that enables an […]

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ClearTalents at Work – 28th July 2017

New Features/EnhancementsConfigurable text in the assessment request dialog boxImproved filter layout when searching for internal assessment requestsAdditional audit loggingNotification on completion of internal assessmentBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements Configurable text in the assessment request dialog box We have added the ability to configure the text that is displayed at the top of the dialog box that […]

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Clear Talents At Work – June 15th 2017

New Features/EnhancementsEdit the introduction text when an employee is starting to complete a profileAbility to edit the text by the Full questionnaire or DSE only questionnaire buttonsChange the number of weeks till escalating that a manager has not viewed a reportOrganisation specific updatesPreparation for future capabilitiesBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements Edit the introduction text when an […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 17th March 2017

New Features/EnhancementsNew vacancy summary reportImproved behaviour when trying to delete a division that is in useBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements New vacancy summary report We have introduced a new summary report showing the number of individuals who have reached each stage of the application process. This report can be accessed in one of two ways. using […]

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