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Clear Talents at Work

Who will be using this information?

The information will be used by ClearTalents™ where an expert team has been assembled to help your employer put in place anything that needs to be done for you to perform at your best at work. The information is shared on a ‘need to know’ basis with only those people responsible for making changes or supporting you along the way. This could include your HR department, your line manager and Occupational Health. All information shared will be accompanied by guidance on the support options available for your particular circumstances.

Will answering these questions be used against me?

ClearTalents™ is a significant commitment in terms of time and resources by employers to make sure that they can support your needs in employment. They are most unlikely to have made that commitment if they were not intending to use it positively. ClearTalents™ employers are really keen to remove barriers for you and they cannot do that without your input.

Do I get any information back at the end of the process?

Absolutely – you get a summary of your responses which lists what you’ve told us and, in some cases, provides some useful resources and contacts you can follow up that could help you even more. People have found new sources of information and learnt handy tips or identified new equipment options that help at work and at home.

I am not disabled, is this relevant for me?

This questionnaire isn’t only meant for disabled people. It will ask you questions about you and your circumstances that an employer could reasonably be expected to provide support for. This includes caring or parenting responsibilities, commitments around your faith or culture, pregnancy or maternity for example. The only way you are going to find out whether it’s for you is by completing the questionnaire. We encourage you to do so. In the more about me section at the end of the questionnaire, you will have the option to share any additional information you think your employer should know about you.

How long will it take me to complete the questionnaire?

Only a few minutes. For many people, it takes less than fifteen minutes. If you have a lot to tell us or want to have a look around the resources it may take you a little longer.

I cannot use a computer – is it possible to get a copy in a different format?

Absolutely, we can provide an alternative format or arrange for you to answer questions over the phone if you like: contact 0845 2930963 to discuss this or email

Do I have to fill it in all at once or can I do it a bit at a time?

You can fill it in a bit at a time if you want to. Just make sure you look at all the question areas as sometimes you might find something really useful that you were not expecting.

I don’t want everyone talking about me and things that are personal to me.

That is not going to happen. Your employer has been provided with instructions on how to support you and this includes making sure that you control communication of any information shared and agree together who is going to be told. They will discuss with you the health and safety implications if they apply, perhaps around emergency evacuation procedures for example. We hope ClearTalents™ makes you and your employer more comfortable and empowered to have conversations that will mean you get more support and perhaps understanding at work.

I have a specific disability. Rather than go through this process could I not just call someone and tell them about it?

You could and that’s absolutely fine to do so, talk to your HR or Occupational Health Department about whom the best person might be. They will probably still find it helpful to complete the questionnaire, even if you do that together just to make sure that they don’t miss the opportunity to ensure that they are giving you the best possible support at work.

If I enter the incorrect email address as my people manager, how do I change this?

The user can log in, click on “my account” and view their profile, with the option button of “change manager” available. A pop up will appear with a text box where you can enter the new email address of the correct recipient.

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