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Software and Website Accessibility

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It is important that both the hardware and software that an individual uses as part of their role are accessible. ‘Hardware’ is any device or computer they will be using, and ‘software’ is the programs (or applications) that they access on these devices. This includes any type of device from a till or tablet, and from a calculator to a computer. It also includes all the software and online systems an individual will be using day to day such as your internal systems, programs, and intranet.

For a device or system to be accessible means that it works for that individual regardless of whether they need the text to be made larger, have limited hand dexterity, or need information to be spoken back to them. Sometimes they’ll be using assistive technology but not always. Often, it is enough for the device to have choices of text size or color on-screen, or an easy grip body and buttons that are not too small.

Accessibility is also a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) so it’s important to notify your IT teams when an individual with access requirements is about to come onboard or is employed by you.

If your IT teams need help reviewing or adjusting the technology that the individual will be using in their role, we recommend approaching AbilityNet as experts in this area.


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