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Emergency Evacuation Guidance for Individuals with a Disability

Building plan in braille.

It’s vital that you consider the needs of disabled individuals in your fire and emergency evacuation policies.

Issues to consider when creating a policy for disabled individuals include:

  • Identifying a named person(s) who is responsible for assisting or ensuring that each disabled individual evacuates safely. More than one is preferred to ensure a thorough coverage of support
  • Ensuring that the disabled individual is aware of their personal evacuation procedure (including named helpers, specific route, and any specific requirements regarding where to assemble)
  • Identifying the safest area located on each floor within the building to which a person with disabilities can be moved or directed to to await assistance if full evacuation is not possible
  • Discussing how to assist the individual with a disability without causing injury should the need arise.

Whilst there is no national guidance for such procedures in China, here is more information on emergency evacuation guidance from the Hong Kong Labour Department.

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