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Religions and Cultures

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Organizations should be sensitive to the needs of employees and candidates and remove barriers where possible. For some individuals attending events where alcohol is served may cause a problem for them so when planning any social events be sure to take this into account.

This does not mean you cannot hold activities such as meetings, events or assessments at venues where alcohol is served, but do avoid holding them in the proximity of any bar or restaurant area where there is alcohol served.

Remember this is not the individual being difficult – they may hold a religious belief that prevents them attending any event where alcohol is served.

Similarly, some women may not want to make eye contact with, shake hands or be touched by a male and some males may not want to shake hands with females. Again, this is not a personal issue, this is based in religion and culture and respect for others.

If the individual has said that they need to avoid premises where alcohol is served, then first of all check out the venue. If there is a bar or restaurant area, check out where that is in relation to the planned event. Let the individual know the details, make sure they recognize you are supportive of their beliefs and make sure any arrangements are OK for them.

We also have a guide to religious beliefs that contains detailed information about the main religions and how their customs, festivals and practices may impact upon the working lives of their followers.

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