Standalone Accessible Element

Specialist Equipment Suppliers

You can often purchase certain reasonable accommodation products such as colored overlays (to help those with dyslexia read the screen or printed materials more easily) and footstools from mainstream online stores like Amazon, but for more specialist items a specialist supplier is necessary.

The Specialized Technology Centre: SPDSingapore has a directory of assistive devices for differently abled that may also be useful.

Technology is a powerful enabler for people with disabilities. With the help of assistive technology (AT), many had been able to overcome their day-to-day challenges and become fully-integrated into all aspects of community living. We advocate the use of AT through our Specialised Assistive Technology Centre (Specialised ATC) which provides the following services:

  • AT assessment (download our Referral Form)
  • Training on use of AT devices (look out for training courses periodically conducted by the Specialised ATC in SPD Events)
  • Trial/Loan of Devices from AT Loan Library
  • Onsite Assessment: e.g. School/Workplace/Home
  • Technical support (virtual or in-person; please contact us for more information)
  • Sales co-ordination support for AT devices (please contact us for more information)
  • Prescription of suitable AT devices and Assistive Technology Fund application (where applicable)
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