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EU Parking Card for People with Disabilities

Disabled Badge Holders Only road sign.

In the EU, parking cards issued to people with disabilities provide a range of concessions for people with challenges including severe mobility or vision loss and who have difficulty using public transport or walking distances, so that they can park close to where they need to go. In the case of someone with a vision impairment they will be driven by someone supporting them in their travel.

It is always advisable to communicate full details of travel, parking and building access to the individual and to confirm that they have what they need and are confident about the availability of parking and ability to access the building.

Here are some quick rules for card users:

  • It is your responsibility as the card-holder to make sure that it is used properly
  • Do NOT allow other people to use your card without your being present
  • Do NOT use the card to allow non-disabled people to take advantage of the benefits whilst you sit in the car

Here’s more information about the EU parking card  for people with disabilities.

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