Standalone Accessible Element

About AbilityNet

AbilityNet exists to change lives of disabled people, to help them achieve everything they can at work, at home or in education. We have a number of high-quality specialist services for businesses and others who can pay for our expertise. We also provide a range of free services for people who cannot afford to pay.

Assessment Services

AbilityNet’s team of professional Assessors offer a high quality, confidential service and can recommend specific adjustments to meet an individual’s needs in the workplace and in higher education.

The report that ClearTalents™ generates for each individual will recommend, wherever appropriate, an AbilityNet assessment. Where other organisations’ services are appropriate then these will also be signposted within the report.

Accessibility consultancy

As well as the assessment services, AbilityNet has a team of accessibility Consultants and Accessibility Testers who help businesses, charities and public bodies to design and maintain their websites, apps and other electronic media. By focusing on usability and accessibility they make sure companies are reaching every customer on every platform. Their accessibility services include:

  • Website and software accessibility auditing
  • Disabled user and usability testing
  • Consultancy, training and support for web/IT/development teams
  • PDF accessibility
  • Enterprise compliance checking tools such as Compliance Sheriff ®



  • 0800 269545 – General enquiries
  • 01926 465 247 – Sales
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