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ClearTalents™ helps you as an employer to understand more about the workplace adjustments and/or appropriate support that you can offer your employees to enable them to work to their full potential. By encouraging the employee to discuss the impact of certain tasks, environmental factors, social interaction or physical barriers we create a picture of where the opportunities lie to improve their life at work or get them successfully back to work.


The Equality Act refers to 6 core disabilities. ClearTalents™ has extended this to 7 in order to highlight the specific needs of people with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


Although you will now have a good picture of the necessary adjustments for a particular employee this may bring you to the conclusion that an expert workplace assessment, or some very specific expert advice around the individual impairment or condition, is what is required.


Where appropriate AbilityNet (or your preferred provider), will carry out a ‘workspace’ assessment – often referred to as a ‘DSE assessment’. A DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessment covers the employee’s immediate working environment including desk, chair and technology. However, a good workplace assessment, such as the one carried out by AbilityNet, would cover much more than simply DSE considerations such as travelling to work and mobility in the workplace, or having the right kind of support in different situations.


To help you identify the right partner to conduct a suitable assessment and provide on-going support in areas other than the workspace you may find the following links to be helpful:



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