Providing us with measurements and information about your workstation is important to ensure an effective assessment. Please ask a colleague to support you to take accurate measurements. If a colleague is not available, you can take measurements at home with some assistance whilst sat on a firm dining room chair.

Make sure that you use a metal tape measure similar to this one. The ruler should not bend around the body when measuring.Metal tape measure

Entering Your Measurements

The first measurements we need are your weight and height. We need these to identify the correct chair from you. Please indicate whether your weight is in kg or stone and pounds (e.g. 85kg or 13st 5lb).

We also need to know whether you need arms on your chair or not.
It’s also important for us to know the shape of desk that you use.

There are 7 distance measurements we need related to you and your chair

A: Height of lumbar above seat

To measure this follow these steps:

  1. Sit on the edge of the chair
  2. Place palm facing outward in the lumbar curve and then
  3. Measure from the middle finger to the seat pan

B: Back of knee to floor

Measure from the back of your knee directly down to the floor.

C: Back of buttock to back of knee

D: Seat surface to shoulder

E: Hip to hip width

F: Shoulder width

Measure between the widest points from shoulder to shoulder as shown in the picture below

G: Desk height

Measure the distance from the floor to the top surface of the desk.

Pictures of you at your workstation

If you have been requested to provide pictures then please supply us with pictures as shown below. We will need you to upload 6 pictures in total as shown below.

Left View

Right View

Side Rear View

Back Support

Whole Posture in Chair (Side View)

Seat Pan Depth