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ClearTalents In Recruitment – 6th October 2018

New Features/Enhancements This release is primarily a bug fix release with a few moinor enhancements Added CyberEssentials logo Since ClearTalent has received Cyber Essentials certification, we have added the logo to our footer to give individuals confidence in the security of our applications. If you would like any further information about this then please contact […]

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ClearTalents in Recruitment – 24th May 2018

New Features/Enhancements General Data Protection Regulation This release is primarily focused on implementing changes required by the new General Data Protection Regulation. The list below explains our fundamental approach to how we store and process your data. You can find more detailed information here. We collect and store data that you enter into our system. […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 17th March 2017

New Features/Enhancements New vacancy summary report We have introduced a new summary report showing the number of individuals who have reached each stage of the application process. This report can be accessed in one of two ways. using the “Vacancy Summary” button on the dashboard page using the vacancy summary button on the right hand […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 11th January 2017

New Features/Enhancements Updates to cookie policy and settings pages We’ve simplified the language in our cookie policy and moved it to a new location. We’ve also added updated information on how to change your cookie settings Date picker format updated We’ve updated the format for dates in the date picker to be aligned with the […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 6th October 2016

New Features/Enhancements Changes to the way the vacancy view is displayed We have made some important changes to the vacancy page to improve usability. The changes are highlighted in the screenshot below. These changes have been made based on observation of the way that typical recruiters and administrators are interacting with the vacancies page. The […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 11th August 2016

New Features/Enhancements Update to the initial stage for a new profile When a candidate completes a new profile by clicking on a specific position URL, their initial stage will automatically be set to “Application”. This means that the recruiter will immediately be able to see if any adjustments are necessary at the first stage of […]

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Clear Talents In Recruitment – 27th July 2016

New Features/Enhancements Scheduled maintenance notification In the lead up to scheduled maintenance, a notification will be shown immediately after login at the top of the page informing users of the timing and details for the next scheduled maintenance period. Separation of login and register pages Based on feedback from users, the login and register pages […]

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Clear Talents in Recruitment – 18th May 2016

New Features/Enhancements 1. Update to the process for changing a user’s email address If a user needs to change their email address, an email will be sent to both the new email address requesting that the user validate that they have access to the new email address and an information message is sent to the […]

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Clear Talents in Recruitment – 18th April 2016

New Features/Enhancements 1. Update to initial candidate stage When an individual creates a profile using a vacancy specific URL, their initial stage will now be set to “Application”. This means that when an administrator views the report, they do not need to set a stage before they can view the report. This will reduce the number […]

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