New Features/Enhancements

  1. Scheduled maintenance notification

    In the lead up to scheduled maintenance, a notification will be shown immediately after login at the top of the page informing users of the timing and details for the next scheduled maintenance period.

  2. Separation of login and register pages

    Based on feedback from users, the login and register pages have been separated into individual pages. This makes it more straightforward to provide links directly to a registration page for employees creating a profile.

  3. Suspended account status

    A new account status has been added. If suspicious activity is detected for an account on Clear Talents, the account will be suspended. The Clear Talents administration team will automatically be notified so they can investigate the account activity. The user will not be able to login until the situation is resolved.

  4. Improvements to the update process

    In some circumstances when the Clear Talents application was updated, the users web browser retained a cached version of a page which resulted in inconsistent behaviour. Changes have been made to the update processes to resolve this.

  5. New “Unsuccessful” status

    As more applicants are received for positions, the list of user grows. This makes it more difficult to identify the candidates who are still active in the recruitment process.

    To address this, new functionality has been introduced which enables a recruiter to mark the candidate as “unsuccessful” in the application process. By default, this candidate will no longer be displayed in the vacancy or user list. It is still possible to display the candidates by using the “show unsuccessful” checkbox in the list of filters. If the candidate is marked in error, they can be reinstated to the process.

  6. Vacancy creation page styling

    The layout of the vacancy creation and edit page has been improved to aid usability. The expiry date and open ended selections are now next to each other and the alignment of the division check boxes has been changed to clearly indicate the hierarchy and the aesthetics of the page.

  7. Upates to the change email address process

    A number of minor changes to the text of messages sent to a user when they change their email address have been made. The process logic has also been updated to improve the usability.

  8. New Knowledgebase site

    Create method to communicate new release capabilities to an admin user when they first login

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the automated assessment request process with AbilityNet that prevented the assessment request being completed.
  • The status messages associated with the reset password functionality could cause confusion. The message text has been updated.
  • several grammatical and spelling errors have been fixed
  • fixed a bug where the numbers of recent applicants were not updating correctly on an administrators dashboard