New Features/Enhancements

  1. New vacancy summary report

    We have introduced a new summary report showing the number of individuals who have reached each stage of the application process. This report can be accessed in one of two ways.

      • using the “Vacancy Summary” button on the dashboard page
      • using the vacancy summary button on the right hand side of the vacancies page

    The screenshot below shows the layout of the summary data and options for filtering. NOTE: only vacancies with at least one submitted profile are displayed.

    Indicator 1: This is the section where the vacancy data is displayed. You can sort columns by clicking on the arrows next to the header text.
    Indicator 2: You can filter vacancies by selecting only “live” or “archived” or “expired” by selecting from this drop down box. By default all vacancies with at least one submitted profile are displayed.
    Indicator 3: If you have along list of vacancies and you are searching for a specific vacancy then simply start typing in this box and the list will be filtered as you type.
    Indicator 4: The export button enables you to export the vacancy list as a comma separated variable (csv) file which you can open using an application like Microsoft Excel to provide additional reporting.

  2. Improved behaviour when trying to delete a division that is in use

    Previously, if you deleted a division there was no check to determine if the division is in use by one or more vacancies. This resulted in some unexpected behaviour. We have introduced a check and if you attempt to delete a division which is used by one or more vacancies or is being used as part of an integration, you will not be able to delete the division and will see a warning message explaining the reason why you cannot delete the division.
    NOTE: the check only applies to live vacancies. It is possible to delete a division if is is linked to archived vacancies.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed a broken link in one of the testimonials that appears in the questionnaire
  • Fixed a couple of logic issues used to select information for notification emails