New Features/Enhancements

  1. General Data Protection Regulation

    This release is primarily focused on implementing changes required by the new General Data Protection Regulation. The list below explains our fundamental approach to how we store and process your data. You can find more detailed information here.

    • We collect and store data that you enter into our system. The information is collected on behalf of your employer so that they can provide you with any reasonable adjustments to your working environment that may be required.
    • We do not share any data unless you specifically allow it by submitting your profile. Prior to submitting your profile the only person that has access to your data is you unless you request support from a ClearTalents support person.
    • If you submit your profile and share it with your line manager then they will also be able to see any information you have provided. If you restrict access then the nominated people in your organisation will have access in order that they can work with you to implement any required adjustments
    • Administrators in your organisation will be able to see that you have one or more profiles and will be able to see progress milestones but will not be able to see any of the specific adjustments you have requested or comments you have made. They will also be able to see aggregate data which is completely anonymous and is typically used for internal reporting purposes./li>
    • The only exception to the points above is in the case of the Display Screen Equipment questionnaire which your employer can select to always be shared with your manager since it is a legal requirement to ensure your health and safety at work.

    If you would like any further information then you can contact us.

    Bug Fixes

    • We have fixed a number of minor bugs in this release