New Features/Enhancements

  1. New user upload functionality
    Showcase: possibility to upload users via a CSV file

    We have added a new functionality that enables an organisation administrator to create users and update user information in the Clear Talents system by uploading a CSV file. There’s also an option to automatically generate invitation emails for newly created users. Currently, this capability can only be enabled by Clear Talents. If you would like to take advantage of it, please contact Clear Talents directly.

  2. New custom fields functionality
    Ability to create custom fields to store user information

    Related to the new user upload capability, we have added the ability to store additional user information by creating custom fields to your organisation. These fields are stored in the user meta information and are exported with the organisation’s data, so can be used for filtering in Excel reports. We plan to include the ability to filter and search on these fields in the future.

  3. New option to make the DSE part of the questionnaire mandatory

    This option allows an organisation administrator to select whether someone taking the full questionnaire is able to submit their profile without completing the DSE questions. When selected, the user will see an error message if they have not completed the DSE questions with a quick link taking them directly to the DSE section.

  4. New configuration option for sharing DSE questionnaire
    DSE report must be shared with manager

    A new option has been added that enables an organisation administrator to select whether the DSE questionnaire MUST be shared with the user’s line manager or not. If selected, the user will not have the option to “submit without sharing”. Note that this option is only applicable if the user selects the “DSE Questionnaire” option, not the “Full Questionnaire”.

  5. Highlighting new adjustments
    New adjustments are now clearly highlighted

    When an individual updates a profile and adds adjustments, these are highlighted clearly to the person viewing the report to prevent confusion about what has already been dealt with. The milestone status for the report is also reset to “no action taken”. Previous versions of the report can be selected in the report summary area.

  6. Additional user registration options

    We are introducing some additional configuration options related to uploading users into the application and how they can register. These determine whether users can make changes to the information that was uploaded and if so, whether those changes need to be approved by an administrator or not.

  7. Administrators can now manage custom fields

    There is a new page which allows administrators to manage custom fields and edit and delete them as required. Various aspects of the custom fields can be managed including the name of the field, whether it is mandatory or not and whether it relates to a “special” field within the Clear Talents application.

  8. New automatic invitation for uploaded users
    Sample of an invitation email

    We are introducing an option to send invitations to register to users newly created via CSV upload. The subject and the email body can be customised in the “Edit Organisation Details” area.

Bug Fixes

  • The rules for validating phone numbers have been relaxed to make it easier for users to enter a phone number successfully.
  • Reports that do not require adjustments are no longer included in dashboard numbers where it is not appropriate.
  • A bug appearing when a user clicked on the “redo it” link in the report summary page has been fixed.