New Features/Enhancements

  1. New notification messages

    We have implemented a number of new notification messages listed below

    • If a user, manager or an administrator updates a user’s information an email notification is sent to the user detailing the updates made.
    • If a data upload makes changes where approval is required a notification is sent to the user including a link to the page where the changes can be approved
    • If a user makes changes that need approval, an email notification is sent to the approvers in the organisation so they can approve or reject the changes.
    • If a document is uploaded to a report profile then a notification email is sent to the manager.
  2. Enhancement to check if cookies are enabled or not

    In order to successfully complete the ClearTalents questionnaire, cookies are required to be enabled. Previously if cookies were not enabled the user would simply not be able to complete the questionnaire with no message explaining the issue. Now the user will see an error message detailing the issue and how to resolve it.

  3. DSE questionnaire style updated

    We have updated the display style for the DSE questionnaire to be identical whether the DSE is completed as a standalone questionnaire or as part of the full questionnaire.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue related to files uploaded by internal assessors to an individual’s report.
  • We fixed an error causing a assessment request to AbilityNet to fail when a large amount of supporting information was provided
  • We fixed a number of issues related to uploading custom fields. This caused the fields to be displayed multiple times. This bug did not impact on data integrity.
  • Related to the previous bug, data exports also displayed the custom fields multiple times. This has now been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where a new line manager was not being displayed correctly after a data upload. The line manager and relevant permissions were updated correctly so this was only a display issue.
  • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances individuals or administrators were not able to update their information.
  • Fixed a bug where the audit log noted changes in meta data when no actual changes were made