New Features/Enhancements

    1. Configurable text in the assessment request dialog box

      We have added the ability to configure the text that is displayed at the top of the dialog box that is displayed when a line manager requests an internal assessment. This configuration is only available if the system is configured to use the internal assessment workflow. The text can be configured for each type of assessment workflow that is selected and allows you to explain when a manager should request an assessment and also any additional information that is useful.

      We have also added the capability to configure the message displayed once the request has been submitted which allows you to explain next steps and any service levels that the line manger should expect.

    2. Improved filter layout when searching for internal assessment requests

      We have reduced the space used at the top of the internal assessment page to reduce the requirement to scroll down to find the assessment you are searching for.

    3. Additional audit logging

      When an internal assessor uploads or deletes a file to a report this information is added to the audit log for that report as shown in the image below.

    4. Notification on completion of internal assessment

      When an internal assessor marks an assessment complete a notification email is sent to the line manager to let them know so that they can follow up with any additional steps.

    Bug Fixes

      • We have fixed an issue where not all appropriate users were being displayed when adding internal assessors
      • We have fixed an issue where notifications were not being sent to all of the correct people
      • We have fixed an issue where report milestone radio button status did not persist when a page was viewed again
      • We have fixed an occasional bug with the transfer of information to AbilityNet when requesting an external assessment