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Clear Talents in Recruitment – 18th May 2016

New Features/Enhancements1. Update to the process for changing a user’s email address2. Added visibility of last successful login date for organisation administrators3. Forgotten password text has been updated4. Email delivery failure logging5. Default login page for division administrators changed6. Minimum password strength has been improved7. System changesBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements 1. Update to the process […]

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Clear Talents at Work – 18th April 2016

New Features/Enhancements No new features were added in this release. Bug Fixes The following bugs and issues were fixed: A number of small grammar and spelling issues Fixed an issue where the sample file for the CSV Update feature available to organisational administrators was downloaded with the wrong filename which made it difficult to open […]

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Clear Talents in Recruitment – 18th April 2016

New Features/Enhancements1. Update to initial candidate stage2. Changes to the way the candidate report page works for Organisation and Division Administrators3. Enabling custom text on the candidate profile completion page.4. Database updatesBug Fixes New Features/Enhancements 1. Update to initial candidate stage When an individual creates a profile using a vacancy specific URL, their initial stage will now […]

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