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Expert Assessments for Inclusive Workplaces

As an assessor, ClearTalents’ diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) software streamlines the process of providing expert evaluations and reasonable accommodation recommendations. Through a series of simple steps, you can help support inclusive workplaces and allow employees to achieve their full potential. 

Upon receiving email notifications for assessment requests, you can seamlessly access outstanding employee reports through the platform’s user-friendly interface. With the ability to upload and store comprehensive assessment findings directly within each report, you can provide invaluable insights and guidance to help managers and employees alike. 

ClearTalents’ intuitive system enables you to document your findings clearly, ensuring that all actions and recommendations are meticulously tracked and easily accessible to the relevant parties. By marking reports as complete once your assessments are finalised, you empower managers to implement the necessary accommodations and create an environment where every employee can thrive.

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