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ClearTalents at Work – 7th September 2017

New Features/Enhancements New user upload functionality We have added a new functionality that enables an organisation administrator to create users and update user information in the Clear Talents system by uploading a CSV file. There’s also an option to automatically generate invitation emails for newly created users. Currently, this capability can only be enabled by […]

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ClearTalents at Work – 28th July 2017

New Features/Enhancements Configurable text in the assessment request dialog box We have added the ability to configure the text that is displayed at the top of the dialog box that is displayed when a line manager requests an internal assessment. This configuration is only available if the system is configured to use the internal assessment […]

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Clear Talents At Work – June 15th 2017

New Features/Enhancements Edit the introduction text when an employee is starting to complete a profile If you want to create a custom message when an employee starts creating the profile, you can do that on the “Edit Organisation Details” page. This can be accessed by clicking the “Edit My Organisation” link in the top black […]

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Clear Talents At Work – January 11th 2017

New Features/Enhancements Enhanced section on Mental Health in the More About Me section Previously in the More About Me section at the end of the questionnaire, Mental Health was underneath the Health section.  We’ve now created a top level section with the title Mental Health to make this more accessible. If that section is ticked […]

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Clear Talents At Work – 6th October 2016

New Features/Enhancements Employee notification email bounces We have introduced new functionality which will alert an employee if the email address they entered for their manager is rejected by the email server and cannot be delivered. The warning message has a button to enable the user to update the manager email address immediately. The warning message […]

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Clear Talents At Work – 11th August 2016

New Features/Enhancements Change to the last modified and last updated date behaviour Previously, the last updated date shown for reports always referred to the last time the employee made a change to the content of their reports.  This behaviour has now been changed so that an administrator or line manager can also see the last time any […]

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Clear Talents at Work – 27th July 2016

New Features/Enhancements Support for hierarchical divisions We have added the option to create a hierarchical division structure. This enables a businesses structure to be modeled more effectively leading to more useful reporting capabilities. In order to create the hierarchy, when creating a new division there is now an option to choose a parent division. Leaving […]

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Clear Talents at Work – 18th May 2016

New Features/Enhancements 1. Update to edit user page to improve selection of divisions and agencies The Edit User page available to organisation administrators has been updated to make it more straightforward to select which divisions a division administrator has admin rights to. In the new page, the section at the top relates to the individual […]

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Clear Talents at Work – 18th April 2016

New Features/Enhancements No new features were added in this release. Bug Fixes The following bugs and issues were fixed: A number of small grammar and spelling issues Fixed an issue where the sample file for the CSV Update feature available to organisational administrators was downloaded with the wrong filename which made it difficult to open […]

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