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Category: Clear Talents at Work

  • ClearTalents at Work – 31st October 2017

    New Features/Enhancements Bug Fixes

  • ClearTalents at Work – 11th December 2017

    New Features/Enhancements New notification messages We have implemented a number of new notification messages listed below If a user, manager or an administrator updates a user’s information an email notification is sent to the user detailing the updates made. If a data upload makes changes where approval is required a notification is sent to the…

  • ClearTalents at Work – 24th May 2018

    New Features/Enhancements General Data Protection Regulation This release is primarily focused on implementing changes required by the new General Data Protection Regulation. The list below explains our fundamental approach to how we store and process your data. You can find more detailed information here. We collect and store data that you enter into our system.…

  • ClearTalents at Work – 6th October 2018

    New Features/Enhancements Following on from our changes related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have introduced a number of updates in this release to improve an organisation’s ability to maintain data privacy. The main changes are explained in more detail below and are focussed on improved control over individual permissions and access to…

  • ClearTalents at Work April 2020

    New Features/Enhancements This release is primarily focussed on making some important changes to the Pending Actions area on the organisation admin user dashboard page. These changes have been made based on customer feedback and the objective is to improve usability and understanding.  The changes are listed below this image. Bug Fixes

  • ClearTalents at Work – 28th July 2017

    New Features/Enhancements Configurable text in the assessment request dialog box We have added the ability to configure the text that is displayed at the top of the dialog box that is displayed when a line manager requests an internal assessment. This configuration is only available if the system is configured to use the internal assessment…

  • ClearTalents at Work – 7th September 2017

    New Features/Enhancements New user upload functionality We have added a new functionality that enables an organisation administrator to create users and update user information in the Clear Talents system by uploading a CSV file. There’s also an option to automatically generate invitation emails for newly created users. Currently, this capability can only be enabled by…

  • Clear Talents at Work – 18th April 2016

    New Features/Enhancements No new features were added in this release. Bug Fixes The following bugs and issues were fixed:

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