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Clear Talents at Work – 11th August 2016

New Features/Enhancements

  1. Change to the last modified and last updated date behaviour

    Previously, the last updated date shown for reports always referred to the last time the employee made a change to the content of their reports.  This behaviour has now been changed so that an administrator or line manager can also see the last time any change was made to the status or to comments in the report.  There are now two dates shown in various places in the system.  The last updated date now refers to the last time a status change was made or a new comment added to the report.  The last modified date refers to the last time the employee made changes to the content of their report.

  2. Change to the process when no adjustments are requested

    If an employee submits a profile which has no adjustments required, then it is now automatically moved to a new status called “no adjustments required”. In addition, the notification email to the line manager has been updated to state that no adjustments are required. These reports will no longer appear in the “no action taken” statistics if the line manager does not change the status of the report.
    Previously, the line manager would still need to view the report and change the status to “all adjustment implemented” to signal to the system that it should no longer be reported in the outstanding action required statistics.

  3. Change to the employee reminder behaviour

    When an employee submits a profile and the line manager does not view their profile, reminders are sent to both the employee and their line manager each week for four weeks. After that, the profile is flagged to organisation administrators as having not been viewed for over 4 weeks. Previously the employee woiuld then start receiving daily reminders that their manager had not viewed their profile. This frequency has now been reduced to weekly reminders.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in rare circumstances a user would receive a dialog referring to an insecure message.
  • Fixed a bug where a user was redirected to the register page instead of the login page after resetting their password.



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