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Clear Talents at Work – 6th October 2016

New Features/Enhancements

  1. Employee notification email bounces

    We have introduced new functionality which will alert an employee if the email address they entered for their manager is rejected by the email server and cannot be delivered. The warning message has a button to enable the user to update the manager email address immediately. The warning message is displayed on the user’s profile page as shown below.


    Clicking on the “Details” button shows the full message below.

  2. Partner’s Users now listed alphabetically

    When adding partner users, the list of available users is now shown alphabetically to make it easier to find the user you are looking for.

  3. New report to show users who have not activated their account

    We have created a new report for organisation administrators that enables them to see a list of users who have created an account on their system but have not completed the process by activating their account. To access this report, click on the “Users” link at the top of the screen and then choose the “Inactive users” button at the bottom of the left hand button list.


    On the resulting screen, you will need to choose a start and end date before clicking the “generate” button to see the list of users.

  4. Improvements to the layout of the questionnaire

    In some circumstances where a text entry box is available to enable additional information to be entered, the text box was extremely small and only on a single line. This has now been updated to be a multi-line text box with a larger width so that the text is easy to enter and edit if necessary.

  5. Employee limit

    We have updated the method for calculating the number of users who have used the system in order to make it more aligned with customer expectations. For example, deleted users are no longer included in the calculation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the annual reminder behaviour to only remind users to update their most recently created profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the status and first name fields in export organisation data csv file were not exported correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the change manager functionality where occasionally the dialog box to enter the new manager would not be displayed.




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