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ClearTalents at Work – 6th October 2018

New Features/Enhancements

Following on from our changes related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have introduced a number of updates in this release to improve an organisation’s ability to maintain data privacy. The main changes are explained in more detail below and are focussed on improved control over individual permissions and access to potentially sensitive data

  1. New visibility settings for admin users

    We have introduced a new setting that applies to either Organisation or Division Administrators. It is now possible to set whether either type of administrator is allowed to see the contents of profile reports or not. The settings can be configured at an organisation level but they can also be overridden at an individual level. Initially the settings can only be implemented by ClearTalents support but we expect to enable this capability for organisation administrators soon. If you would like to take advantage of these new settings please contact us
    Organisation Administrators can determine whether administrative users in their organisation have visibility of profile report contents or not in the Users page. A green bullet next to the Permissions column indicates the administrator can see profile report contents. A red bullet indicates that they cannot see profile report contents.

    Image showing new administrator permissions indicator
  2. Changes to Export process

    Another change related to data privacy has been implemented in the Organisation Export functionality. We have removed the option to export pdf versions of all profile reports from the export dialog box as shown below. It is still possible to export information about either the most recent profile for each individual in your organisation or all profiles.

    New export dialog

    In addition we have made the following changes to the export file:

    • To remove personally sensitive information from the export file we have made the following changes:
      1. We have removed the “latest report comment” column from the export
      2. We have changed the data exported in the “Adjustments required” column to be either “No” if the status is not “All Adjustments implemented” or “No action required” otherwise it is “Yes”. This eliminates the identification of level of severity.
    • To help with data analysis, we have added two additional columns to the export:
      1. Viewed by Manager: A Boolean field that is “Yes” if the Manager has viewed the report and “No” if they have not
      2. “Adjustments required”: A Boolean field that is “Yes” if the profile report status is not “All Implemented” or “None Required” otherwise it is “No”
  3. New Remote Assessment capability for AbilityNet Assessments

    AbilityNet have introduced a new type of Workplace assessment that can be completed remotely. We have implemented a new set of capabilities in Cleartalents At Work to support this new assessment method. This enables the individual to schedule their own assessment once it has been requested and approved. The capability to request Remote Assessments needs to be activated by ClearTalents support in conjunction with AbilityNet. If you would like to find out more about this new functionality then please contact us

  4. Added link to login to reminder email

    To streamline the process for individuals to update their reasonable adjustment profiles, we have added a direct login link to the email. Previously, individuals would need to remember the URL to log in to the ClearTalents At Work application.

  5. Added Cyber Essentials logo

    Since ClearTalent has received Cyber Essentials certification, we have added the log to our footer to give individuals confidence in the security of our applications.

    If you would like any further information about this then please contact us.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a manager was not always notified whn an employe updated their profile
  • Fixed an issue with text being displayed in the notification sent to a manager when a profile is shared with them
  • Changed text displayed to the manager when viewing a profile to eliminate any gender specific language
  • Fixed an issue with permissions not being displayed properly for division administrators in the Edit User page
  • Fixed a bug with words and images being displayed badly on mobile devices
  • Fixed a minor issue related to visibility unsubmitted reports
  • Updated links to articles on changing computer settings
  • Fixed an issue in the logic used to send annual reminders to individuals
  • Updated copyright information




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