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ClearTalents at Work April 2020

New Features/Enhancements

This release is primarily focussed on making some important changes to the Pending Actions area on the organisation admin user dashboard page. These changes have been made based on customer feedback and the objective is to improve usability and understanding.  The changes are listed below this image.

  1. Changes to the numbers displayed

    The two calculations that have changed are for “Managers not viewed after a month:” (number 2 above) and “Managers viewed over 4 weeks ago but not had initial discussion:” (number 3 above).  Previously, the focus of these numbers was to identify all profiles where a manager had either not viewed or had viewed but not taken any action.  The objective was to ensure that any adjustments requested by employees were being addressed.  One of the aspects that this did take into account is the situation where an internal assessor or organisation admin is taking the action and updating the profile.  This led to the situation where a number of profiles may never have been viewed by the manager but the profile was still marked as “all adjustments Implemented” by someone else.  The result was a number on the dashboard that correctly reflect the number of profiles that managers had not viewed but did not account for the fact that many of these may no longer need any follow up action.

    In this update we have changed the way these numbers are calculated to exclude any profiles where the status is “all adjustments implemented” even if the manager has not viewed the profile.  In some organisations this will not materially change the numbers displayed but in others there may be a significant change.

    The second change to this number is to separate out the number of profiles where the manager associated is no longer with the organisation (number 1 above).  In other words, the manger has been archived or deleted.  This is now a separate row in the pending action area which is described in more detail in the next item.

  2. New number added to the pending actions area

    As described in the item above, we have separated out the profiles where the associated manager is no longer with the organisation.  This change is designed to add clarity to the actions required by organisation administrators when following up on specific profiles.  For all of the cases in this category, the action required is to identify the new manager for the individual and request that the individual update their manager in their profile using the “change manager” link on their “My Account” page.  We have a knowledgebase article to help people with this if required.

Bug Fixes




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