New Features/Enhancements

1. Update to edit user page to improve selection of divisions and agencies

The Edit User page available to organisation administrators has been updated to make it more straightforward to select which divisions a division administrator has admin rights to. In the new page, the section at the top relates to the individual properties as an employee and the section at the bottom relates to the administrative privileges that the user has.

The section at the bottom of the page enables the organisation administrator to choose which divisions the user has division admin rights to. The box on the right contains the divisions they can manage and the box on the left contains a list of the remaining divisions. To add admin rights to a particular division, select it in the left box and then click the “>” button to move it to the right. To remove admin access to a specific division select it in the right box and click the “<” button to move it to the left box. You can select multiple divisions for either of these operations. To add or remove access to all divisions, use the “>>” or “<<” buttons respectively.


2. Select division dropdown displayed when creating a new profile

When a user registers or chooses to create a new profile, if the organisation they are part of has any departments defined, then a dropdown box will be displayed requiring the user to choose the department they are part of.  An additional option “My department is not listed” will always be displayed at the bottom of the list in case the user does not see their department in the list.


3. Update to the process for changing a user’s email address

If a user needs to change their email address, an email will be sent to both the new email address requesting that the user validate that they have access to the new email address and an information message is sent to the old email address informing them of the email address change.  The information message has a link which enables the user to stop the email address change if they did not request it.  This process will prevent any malicious attempts to take control of a user’s account.

4. Added visibility of last successful login date for organisation administrators

The last time a user successfully logged into the application is now displayed in user tables visible to the organisation administrator.  This will enable the administrator to determine frequent users of the system.

5. Added capability for an organisation administrator to update the manager email address for an employee

Occasionally an employee will enter an incorrect email address for their manager.  This means that the email notifications to their manager will not be delivered and the report will not be linked correctly to their managers Clear Talents account.  We have added the capability for the organisation administrator to edit the manager’s email address for the user if they detect this situation.  It is straightforward to check for this situation by using the “check for unregistered managers” functionality.

6. Flagging incorrect email addresses

If a user registers using an invalid email address which is rejected by the server, then the organisation administrator will be notified via email so the email address can be reviewed and corrected.  The email is not sent each time an email rejection is received but on a periodic basis.

7. Forgotten password text has been updated

Following feedback from users, we have updated to the text displayed when a user clicks the forgotten password link to be clearer.

8. Minimum password strength has been improved

We have updated the password complexity requirements to improve security.  All passwords must now include at least 8 characters with a combination of both letters and numbers.

9. System changes

A number of changes were made to the way the application updates on client systems following a new release to reduce potential issues for end-users.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs and issues were fixed:

  • A number of small grammar and spelling issues
  • In certain circumstances, promoting a user to be an organisation admin caused an issue which has been resolved
  • A number of page display issues when using the MS Edge browser on Windows 10
  • Minor button misalignment on some questionnaire pages
  • The status style for “user successfully activated” message has been corrected to indicate success rather than a warning